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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Jangsu, Northern Jeolla: Ancestral Seat of Jangsu Hwang Clan and the Only Quake-Prone County in Korea

Jangsu (Hangul/Hanja: 장수군/長水郡) is a county located at Eastern Bound of Northern Jeolla Province, Republic of Korea. Jangsu County is bordered with Jinan and Muju Counties on North, Geochang County, Southern Gyeongsang Province on East, Hamyang County, Southern Gyeongsang on Southeast, Namwon City on South and Imsil County on Southwest. The postal codes of Jangsu County start from 55600 (1~331-25 Gyehyang Avenue/Gyehyangno, Gyebuk-myeon) to 55662 (2~513-3 Yujeong Avenue/Yujeongno, BeonAm-myeon).

Jangsu was formed during Goryeo Dynasty Timeline and absorbed into the administration under Namwon Governorate (남원부/南原府/Namwon-bu) with its older name, Jangsu Prefecture. It is placed under Jeolla Province and elevated its status as county when the 23 Governorates Administration System took place in 1895. A year later, Emperor Gojong-Gwangmu of Korean Empire revamped its administrative system by using 13 Provinces Administration System where Jangsu County is placed under Northern Jeolla Province.

About 76% of the land is mountainous, Jangsu is a popular vacation spot for its clear water and clean air from the deep valley. One of Korea's eight tallest mountains, Mount Jangan stands tall in the county; it is where a watershed for Seomjin River is located as well as the source region of the Geum River.

Jangsu apples, famous for their high sugar content and beautiful color, Omija and Gobdol (agalmatolite) Stoneware, cow raised on the clean highland area with an altitude of 700m, and an indigenous species of pig of Jangsu County are special local products of the county.

It is also the place of the oldest Confucian school, Jangsu Hyanggyo, which survived the Japanese Imjin Invasion of Korea in 1592 and remained intact. In addition, it is the birthplace of Nongae, a Gisaeng who sacrificed herself, along with a Japanese general into the river, killing them both. 

On August 28th 2016, A magnitude-2.3 earthquake hit Jangsu County in Northern Jeolla Province on Sunday. According to a Meteorological Office official in Jeonju, tremors from the quake were barely felt and no damage has been reported. The quake is the first reported in the province since a magnitude-3.9 quake hit Iksan city on December 22nd 2015.

The County Office is located at 10 Hobi Road/Hobi-ro, Jangsu-ri 176-7 beonji, Jangsu-eup with its postal code: 55634. The chief of the county is Choi Yong-deuk (Minjoo Party)In the other hand, Ahn Ho-young (Minjoo Party) served as the assemblyman for Wanju, Jinan, Muju and Jangsu Counties in 20th Session of Gukhoe (2016-2020). Jangsu County contains a town (eup) and six communes (myeon) as shown on the map below (in Hangul and Hanja).