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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Ansan Danwon-gu, Gyeonggi Province: Administrative Center of Ansan City, Hometown of Joseon Renowned Artist - Kim Hong-do and Victims of Sewol-ho Sinking

Danwon-gu (Hangul/Hanja: 단원구/檀園區) is a non-autonomous district, located at the Western Bound of Ansan City, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea. Located at Seoul National Capital Area (Sudogwon-Gijeon Region), it is bordered with the chains of Deokjeok, Jawol and Yeongheung Islets, Ongjin County, Incheon Metropole on West, Siheung City on North, Ansan Sangnok-gu on East and Hwaseong City on South. Ansan Danwon-gu was formed on November 2002 after the Introduction to District Administrative System (구제/區制) in Ansan. The district is the principal municipal seat of Ansan City, located at the Second Precinct of Gojan (Gojan 2-dong).

The namesake of the district is taken from the pen name of Joseon renowned artist, Kim Hong-do (김홍도/金弘道; Born: 1745 - Died: 1806). As a full-time artist, he was together a pillar of the establishment and a key figure of the new trends of his time, the 'true view painting'. Kim Hong-do was an exceptional artist in every field of traditional painting, even if he is mostly remembered nowadays for his depictions of the everyday life of ordinary people, in a manner analogous to the Dutch Masters. In addition, Ansan Danwon-gu is a hometown of victims of Sewol-ho Sinking where the majority of them are Danwon High School students. 262 victims were perished in this sinking excluding the high school vice-principal, Kang Min-kyu who committed suicide after he survived from that incident.

The postal codes of Ansan Danwon-gu are shown on below:
  • 15208 [325~425 Sunhwanno] to 15255 [5~20 Wadongno 7(chir)an-gil]
  • 15261 [559 Samil Avenue/Samillo] to 15272 [467~497 Samillo]
  • 15329 [45~55 Hwajeong Avenue/Hwajeongno] to 15355 [312 Hwarang Avenue/Hwarangno]
  • 15357 [11~17 WonGojan Avenue/WonGojanno] to 15485 [14 Ansan-Cheonnam Avenue/AnsanCheonnamno]
  • 15597 [278 Gangchon Avenue/Gangchonno] to 15619 [5~48 Cheomdan Avenue 207th Street/Cheomdanno 207beon-gil]
  • 15637 [1901~1927 Daebu-Hwanggeum Avenue/DaebuHwanggeumno] to 15654 [2-51~143 Pungdo Drive/Pungdo-gil]

The District Office is located at 685 Central Boulevard/Jungang-daero, Choji-dong 666-2 beonji with its postal code: 15396. The current District Officer is Hwang Ha-june (unaffiliated). In the other hand, Kim Myeong-yeon and Park Soon-ja (Saenuri) serve as the district assemblymen for 20th Session of Gukhoe (2016-2020). Kim Myeong-yeon represents Ansan Danwon-gap (1st Electoral District that covers Wadong, Wongokbon-dong, Wongok 1~2-dong and Seonbu 1~3-dong) while Park Soon-ja represents Ansan Danwon-eul (2nd Electoral District that covers  Gojan 1~2-dong, Hosu-dong, Choji-dong and Daebu-dong). Ansan Danwon-gu consists 12 Administrative Precincts on 15 Legal Precincts as shown on the map below (in Hangul and English).