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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Seongnam Sujeong-gu, Gyeonggi Province: First Two Districts formed in Seongnam City, Home of Seongnam-Seoul Air Base and Namhan Fortress

Sujeong-gu (Hangul/Hanja: 수정구/壽井區) is a non-autonomous district, located at Northern Bound of Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea. Sujeong is a portmanteau of two precincts in this district, Sujin-dong (수진동/壽進洞) and Bokjeong-dong (복정동/福井洞). It is the home of Seoul-Seongnam Air Base, where this air base is used as a VIP airfield by the President of Republic of Korea, other VIPs and heads of state. The postal codes of Seongnam Sujeong-gu are shown below:
  • 13100 [1279~1301 Daewang-Pangyo Road/DaewangPangyo-ro] to 13148 [8~12 Huimang Avenue 466th Street/Huimangno 466beon-gil]
  • 13259 [412~446 Gongwonno] to 13268 [35~76 Huimang Avenue 533rd Street/Huimangno 533beon-gil]
  • 13270 [340 Gongwonno]
  • 13272 [332 Gongwonno] to 13354 [3~10-1 Sanseong Boulevard 295th Street/Sanseong-daero 295beon-gil]
  • 13379 [3 Sanseong-daero and 2~6 Sujeong Avenue/Sujeongno]
  • 13382 [154 Yeosu Boulevard/Yeosu-daero]
  • 13442 [409~417 Dallae Inner Road/Dallaenae-ro] to 13446 [6~86 Tancheon Avenue 339th Street/Tancheonno 339beon-gil]
  • 13448 [766~768 DaewangPangyo-ro] to 13453 [1~9 Dunto Road 5th Street/Dunto-ro o-beon-gil]
  • 13644 [1003~1061 Heolleung Avenue/Heolleungno] to 13646 [83 Wirye Boulevard/Wirye-daero].

The formation of Seongnam Sujeong-gu started in July 1st 1988 where Seongnam Municipal Government installed its local office that consists administrative precincts of Sinheung-dong, Taepyeong-dong, Sujin-dong, Dandae-dong, Eunhaeng-dong, Bokjeong-dong, Sinchon-dong, Godeung-dong and Siheung-dong. On May 1st 1989, the district administrative system (구제/區制/Guje) was introduced in Seongnam and this city is divided into two districts which are known as Sujeong-gu on West and Jungwon-gu on East. Only Dandae 1-dong, Dandae 4-dong and Eunhaeng 3-dong remained in Sujeong-gu with the rest of its precincts and subsequently changed their precinct names into Dandae-dong, Sanseong-dong and Yangji-dong respectively.

In 1990, Taepyeong 4-dong was formed from the portion of Taepyeong 2-dong. In November 2015, a new precinct which is called Wirye-dong formed from the portion of Bokjeong-dong. A month later, Seongnam Sujeong-gu, Seoul Songpa-gu and Hanam City formed a new town which is called Wirye New Town (위례신도시/慰禮新都市), the combination of Wirye Precincts on three different entities which previously served as the Stronghold of Baekje Kingdom from 18BCE to 475CE during Samguk Period.

The District Office is located at 283 Sujeong Avenue/Sujeongno, Sinheung 2-dong 30-beonji with its postal code: 13259. The current District Officer is Hahn Shin-soo (unaffiliated). In the other hand, Kim Tae-nyeon (Minjoo Party) serves as the district assemblyman for 20th Session of Gukhoe (2016-2020). Seongnam Sujeong-gu consists 16 Administrative Precincts on 17 Legal Precincts as shown on the map below (in Hangul).