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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Yeongwol, Gangwon Province: Ancestral Seat of Yeongwol Uhm Clan, The Place that kept Dark History of King Danjong the Young and Vagabond Kim Sat-gat

Yeongwol or known as Nyeongwol in North Korean Dialect (Hangul/Hanja: 영월군 or 녕월군/寧越郡) is a county in Gangwon Province, South Korea. Bordered with Northern Chungcheong Province, it is considered as the Southernmost Region of the Greater Gangwon Province (consists of Gangwon Province in North Korea and South Korea). The postal codes of Yeongwol County starts from 26200 [162-9 Jangjaeteo-gil, Maewol-ri, KimSatGat-myeon] to 26248 [14 EunhaengNamu 8-gil, Hasong-ri, Yeongwol-eup].

During the Proto Three Kingdoms Period, Yeongwol was a part of Jinhan Confederacy. In the reign of King Goi - 8th King of Baekje (234~286), Yeongwol became the territory of Baekje, and it's name was Baekwol, meaning there are more than 100 households. In the reign of King Micheon - 15th King of Goguryeo (300~331), it become the part of southern Goguryeo. It was called Naesaeng-hyeon (내생현/奈生縣) or Naesaeng Prefecture in English in its early days. 

When Silla dominated Korean Peninsula after unifying three kingdoms under King Munmu the Great, it became the territory of Silla. At first, it was a part of Sinju. In 757, 16th reigning year of King Gyeongdeok, local administrative district was put in to a new order. The nation was planned to be 5 sogyeongs (lesser capital cities), 9 states. In this procedure, Naesaeng-gun was renamed to Naseong-gun and became a part of Myeongju County (present-day Gangneung City).

The county is well known as the place where King Danjong the Young, the sixth king of Joseon Dynasty, was exiled when he was forced to abdicate by his uncle - Grand Prince Suyang Yi Yoo, who became Sejo of Joseon. It is also where Danjong was buried after he was immolated in 1457, following the attempts by six martyred ministers to restore him to power, after he was perceived to be a continuing threat to the rule of his uncle. It is also where the Joseon Dynasty vagabond-poet Kim Sat-gat is buried.

The County Office is located at 64 Hasong Avenue/Hasongno, Hasong 5-ri 242-beonji with its postal code: 26235. The chief of this county is Park Sun-kyu (Saenuri). In the other hand, Yeom Dong-yeol (Saenuri) serves as the assemblyman for Taebaek City-Hoengseong, Yeongwol, Pyeongchang and Jeongseon Counties in 20th Session of Gukhoe (2016-2020). Yeongwol County consists 2 towns (eup) and 7 communes (myeon) as shown on the map below (in Hangul and Hanja).